Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A fireman who helped his German Shepherd give birth to seven puppies was astonished to later return home to discover the dog was in labour again.

Andrew Louis, 26, stayed with three-year-old Lila as she delivered a further six puppies over the next two hours.

The 26-year-old had earlier helped Lila give birth to seven pups and, confident that her labour had finished, drove his girlfriend Jennifer to work.

But on his return home he was shocked to discover that Lila, who he has had since she was eight weeks old, had started giving birth again.

And over the next two hours the fireman from East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, had to help out as she gave birth to another six pups.

Mr Louis, who works in Easterhouse Fire Station, said: 'I was stunned. I never thought for a minute she would give birth to so many.

'An average German Shepherd litter is six to eight pups. And, as this was Lila's first litter, I was told to expect it to be smaller.

'I thought seven pups was great but 13 left me gobsmacked.'

Mr Louis's role as midwife started at 3.30am on Monday, when Lila's waters broke.

He patiently waited as pup after pup was born and only left his beloved pet's side when he was sure she had finished.

But he was stunned when he was still watching her give birth 11 hours later.

He added: 'We had not intended Lila to have pups yet but she and our other German Shepherd, two-year-old Levi, took the matter out of our hands.

'When we realised she was pregnant I arranged time off work so I would be there for her labour.

'So after her waters broke it was just a case of sitting back waiting for the pups to be born.

'The first arrived at 5.10am followed by the second at 6.50am, and others at 6.55am, 7.20am, 7.28am, 7.45am and 7.58am.

'Lila had everything perfectly under control. She was licking her pups clean as they arrived and proving a super mother.

'From what I had been told I thought seven pups would be her labour completed and I felt confident enough to take Jen to work.

'But when I returned home Lila wasn't settled and at 9.40am started giving birth again.

'Pup number nine arrived at 9.56 and the next at 10.14am.

'I had to give her a hand with number 11, which seemed to get stuck but at 11am I managed to pull it out.

'Number 12 arrived at 11.45am and again we thought she was finished. But, to our amazement, at 2.15pm she gave birth to number 13.

'They are all really beautiful. I wish we could keep them all. But we will be making sure they only go to good homes."

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